Baja Fresh

Sparkfly and Baja Fresh Team to Solve Cross Channel Media Attribution




Baja Fresh wanted to set up their first-ever digital and mobile ad promotion and planned on using numerous partners including Google Search, Facebook, Yelp, Opera Mediaworks, Bing and UberMedia to promote the deal.


When setting up the campaign, however, they discovered two challenges:

  • There was no way to connect the mobile and digital media to purchases that were actually made in store
  • There was no way to tell which media partners were generating the most customers, hindering their ability to optimize in real-time



Sparkfly’s platform enabled Baja Fresh to connect their digital and mobile media to their physical Point-Of-Sale system, so they could track customers from click to in-store purchase. Leveraging Sparkfly’s technology, the campaign generated data that measured redemptions, and included information on basket size and individual items purchased, providing a full 360-degree view into the ROI of each media channel. Baja Fresh also gained the ability to analyze results from each individual media partner in real-time, understanding which channels were driving the most store visits and transaction value.




  • The campaign ran across 50 Baja Fresh locations, and integration with an older Point-Of-Sale system occurred in less than 2 weeks
  • The campaign ran across 8 different media partners, giving Baja Fresh unique insight into which channels and partners drove ROI. The digital budget was reallocated and optimized on a weekly basis, based on real-time results
  • Baja Fresh gained access to the full basket size generated by each customer, and the ability to measure the cost per acquisition versus just the revenue generated per customer


“We never imagined we would be able to run a program like this without undergoing a major upgrade to our hardware. Partnering with Sparkfly allows us to run unique digital promotions and coupons, while using the existing systems we already have in place.”
Chuck Rink
President & CEO at Baja Fresh