What We Do

Sparkfly is a real-time data and attribution platform that connects digital marketing initiatives across screens to offline activity. Through deep integrations with all of the leading point-of-sale systems, Sparkfly enables brands, retailers, restaurants and other brick and mortar establishments to run unified marketing programs across multiple franchise locations, and, for the first time, unlock real-time attribution data.


Use Cases

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Real Time Media Attribution and Testing:

When companies are running media through multiple channels, Sparkfly enables real-time ROI tracking, so partners can see who is driving the most in-store activity, and optimize accordingly.


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Next Generation Loyalty Programs:

Loyalty programs run through the Sparkfly platform can go beyond the traditional punchcard and encompass mobile, digital, print and more. Retailers and restaurants can also convert anonymous consumers into new loyalty members by leveraging both paid media and brand-led promotions to drive consumers into a store, where they can then deliver a real-time message with an invitation to join a loyalty program.


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Connecting Multiple POS Systems:

When different franchise locations use different point-of-sale systems, Sparkfly serves as a connecting technology layer that enables parent companies to run unified loyalty programs or digital promotions that can be redeemed at any location.


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Offer Effectiveness Testing:

Sparkfly’s unique platform takes A/B testing to the next level, by providing a real-time look at redemptions, average basket size and much more.


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In-Store Solutions:

Retail locations using beacon technology, or other in-store solutions, can integrate with the Sparkfly platform to connect push notifications to actual purchases made in store and attribute ROI.


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When running mobile or digital offers, brands can leverage the Sparkfly platform to identify consumers who showed initial interest in the deal, but did not redeem, and serve a follow up message.


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Operational and Accounting Efficiency:

When running third party promotions, merchants can leverage the Sparkfly platform to unlock unique data on redemptions by location, and process information on tax implications in real time.