Sparkfly – Industry Challenges – Silos


On its own, customer engagement technology can be complicated and piecemeal. Sparkfly unifies it all to simplify and streamline your work.

When you have tons of different retail technology tools and systems operating in a vacuum, getting a clear picture of how your customers are engaging with every facet of your brand can take up tons of unnecessary time and resources. Instead of trying to piece together a puzzle, the Sparkfly platform can house all of them in one place so you always have the answers you need — along with the added capabilities and possibilities that come from having everything linked together. 

Turn Your Systems Into an Ecosystem

It’s one thing to have best-in-class customer engagement tools. It’s another to see them all under one roof. The Sparkfly platform takes all of your tools and systems, from acquisition to loyalty, and unifies them in one fully-connected ecosystem. With our real-time POS connectivity, offer management, real-time transactional data services, and mobile rewards wallet solutions, you can get a full picture of how your customers are engaging with your brand — then use it to create more comprehensive and personalized strategies and campaigns.

Say Goodbye to Disparate Data

When your tools and systems aren’t working together, it’s time-consuming — if not impossible — to find actionable data insights. With Sparkfly, all of your customer engagement data is unified in one platform. As a result, you’ll have access to full data stories that can help you make faster, smarter business decisions. The end result? Deeper and more meaningful connections with your customers.

Take Advantage of Tailored Solutions

Because every retailer is different, every customer engagement ecosystem needs to be different. The Sparkfly team has 100+ years of combined retail and marketing technology experience, so we’re the perfect partner to help you build and maximize a custom, flexible, best-in-class platform that meets your biggest business needs.

Discover the Sparkfly difference by requesting a demo. In just 30 minutes, you’ll see how we take down your technology silos to help you drive more meaningful connections with your customers.