Sparkfly – Offer Management

Unleash Real-Time Engagement with Dynamic Offer Management

Maximize Acquisition, Enhance Engagement & Loyalty, and Proactively Retain Customers

Transform your marketing strategy into a dynamic force that drives real-time results and maximizes customer acquisition and loyalty. Since 2011, we've empowered 100+ brands like Chipotle, Bojangles, and Denny’s to unlock incremental revenue, with adoption across 17,000+ locations.

Offer Management

As your key to dynamic, real-time campaigns, our offer management platform personally connects with customers by creating, distributing, and measuring promotions seamlessly across all digital and physical marketing channels. With technology that sits at the intersection of marketing channels and POS systems, we enable you to understand customer behavior at each step of the buying journey.

Innovative Solutions for Maximum Impact

Explore the capabilities of our platform, from multi-channel distribution to real-time validation and attributes. We specialize in dynamic, real-time, single-use code generation, allowing you to meet customers where they are and track engagement metrics to actual revenue.

Here's What You'll Get

Code Customization

Customize alphanumeric, numeric, or alpha codes, with flexible length options.

Location-Specific Campaigns

Ingest location hierarchy and menu items for targeted promotions.

Offer Types

Configure standard or complex offers with sophisticated validation logic that nevers hinders your creativity.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Leverage Sparkfly’s Smart Landing Pages to distribute and track offers across any digital channel and insert single-use codes on print materials for smarter physical marketing insights.

Real-Time Reporting

Track engagement and redemption metrics in real-time to optimize in-market campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Enhanced Offer Management

Go beyond traditional Offer Management by integrating seamlessly with POS systems, 3rd party solutions, and digital wallets. Adopt a holistic approach that supports customer acquisition across all channels, fostering engagement from unknown customers to your most loyal ones.

Unlock Multi-Channel Engagement

Integrates with your preferred Messaging and Journey Orchestration tools to trigger unique offers and engage customers based on their unique purchase behaviors. Ensure a seamless connection between your POS and marketing platforms for a plug-n-play environment.

Real-Time Validation & Attribution

Validate and redeem offers in real-time while linking detailed transaction data with the campaigns that drove your customers to take action. Your CDP, CRM, BI, and other marketing platforms can leverage objective redemption data captured by our closed-loop tracking system for real-time or future engagement opportunities.

Data-Driven Insights

Explore robust reporting and data sharing capabilities. Real-time and batch exports provide insights at various levels, including offer, campaign, distribution channel, individual customer, and transaction. Track unique redemption identifiers, dates, customer IDs, and more for comprehensive analysis and reengagement opportunities.

The Latest Insights & Strategies

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Bojangles, a QSR known for their chicken ‘n biscuits, aspired to build for the future and looked to engage their guests at every stage of the buyer’s journey by revamping their digital strategy.

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