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Sparkfly gives you the power to dig deep into trends, intelligence, and personalization so that you never have to commit random acts of marketing.

The only constant in retail is constant change. Customer expectations are growing, technologies are advancing, trends are shifting, and competition is getting fiercer. Without a solid engagement strategy — and the tools, tactics, and team to carry it out — you won’t be able to compete today or tomorrow.

Trigger Codes That Make Customers Feel Valued

With Sparkfly, you don’t just send out a bunch of mass offers and hope for the best. Instead, it’s easy to personalize campaigns by segmenting by customer type, purchase history, channel, product, and more. And with offers like save for later, save to wallet, and dynamic codes, your customers will always feel like you’re carefully considering their needs and wants.

Architect a Smarter Ecosystem

With all of the moving parts in the retail industry, you need an entire ecosystem of technology to keep up with it all. Thanks to nearly two dozen integrations, Sparkfly can combine your offer management, your email campaigns, your SMS strategies, your data analysis, your customer experience, your online ordering, and your loyalty capabilities into one smarter, seamless hub.

Optimize Your Customer Experience in Real-Time

With so many granular reporting options, Sparkfly gives you the power to analyze and optimize your campaigns, processes, and marketing spend in real-time — so that you end up with a customer experience that’s personalized for everyone, no matter where they are on their journey.

Discover the Sparkfly difference by requesting a demo. In just 30 minutes, you’ll see how our team and tools can stop you from committing random acts of marketing.


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