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Turn every customer interaction into an opportunity for personalization, optimization, and growth.

Establish Your Brand as Responsive and Creative

No one remembers one-size-fits-all marketing. To truly stand out, you need data-driven campaigns that can respond to customers’ growing expectations, preferences, and purchase habits. You also need offers that jump out in inboxes, in text messages, in apps, and in physical collateral. With Sparkfly, you get technology that can aim as high as your imagination does.

Turn to Technology That Drives Loyalty

All services — and even all loyalty programs — can start to feel the same. If you really want to respond to your customers’ individual wants and needs, you need a platform that collects advanced data, works in real-time, and provides insights at a variety of granular levels. Luckily, the Sparkfly platform does all of that and so much more.

Start Real Conversations

You know better than anyone that people buy from people. With Sparkfly, it’s easy to start conversations and build long-term personal relationships. Reach out to customers on their birthday, or if you haven’t seen them in awhile, or to thank them with a special surprise for being extra-loyal lately. No matter the message, Sparkfly can help you create it.

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Great Clips’ Sparkfly-Powered Offer Management Strategy Earned Triple-Digit ROI and Industry

With over 4,500 locations across the US and Canada, Great Clips is the world’s largest salon brand. But until they adopted the Sparkfly platform, Great Clips didn’t have tools to track offer usage and redemption—which made it impossible to measure campaign ROI and made them vulnerable to coupon fraud.


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