Sparkfly – Leadership


With more than 100 combined years of retail and marketing technology experience, the award-winning Sparkfly team knows how to build stronger customer relationships.

Our Mission

We created Sparkfly to accelerate meaningful digital innovation for retailers so they can create deeper connections with their customers.

Connect, innovate, and grow. If we had to summarize Sparkfly’s expertise in one sentence, that would be it. Our team has a deep understanding of how the right customer connections drive acquisition and loyalty, and how the right technology can drive unparalleled innovation, which is why we’re so passionate about creating tailored retail solutions that grow and scale your business.

Customer-Centric Culture

We believe in the strength of people — both inside our organization and out. That’s why we’re laser focused on building a lifetime relationship with you. We don’t want to just sell you a platform. Instead, we want to create an all-in partnership that makes your biggest business goals a reality.

Agile & Real-Time Technology

We pride ourselves on unifying the best tools and systems on one platform — instead of ripping out all of your existing technology and starting from scratch — so you can use agile, real-time solutions to innovate and grow. That’s what makes Sparkfly different, and our 21 US patents prove it.

Ongoing Innovation

Every business is different, and we know out-of-the-box doesn’t work for the long haul. That’s why our experts have built a network of carefully-chosen best-in-class integrations and industry innovator partners — and why we’re always looking to expand with more. With our deep experience, we can develop a customer engagement ecosystem that’s tailored to meet your exact needs, wants, and goals.

Sparkfly’s Award-Winning Solutions and Innovators

Meet Our Executive Team

Catherine Tabor

Founder & CEO
Catherine leads the Sparkfly team, giving brands the power to understand and engage customers on an individual basis.

David Terkosky

Chief Revenue Officer
David works with the sales and engagement teams to tailor the Sparkfly platform to help each client meet their business needs.

Steven Thiel

VP, Technology
Steven leads the platform developers, architecture engineers, and designing personalized implementation strategies.

Jon Greenlee

VP, Sales & Marketing
Jon leads Sparkfly’s new business acquisition, marketing, and ongoing partner relations.

Allison McGinley

VP, Operations
Allison provides tech solutions to retail and hospitality clients, connecting the technology and business teams.

Jennifer Peek

VP, Strategic Accounts
Jennifer leverages her decades of experience leading the client services team and deliver a customer-centric approach.

John Hargrove

VP, Engineering
John manages the software engineering and infrastructure teams at Sparkfly with a laser focus on building reliable and maintainable products and features for enterprise retail clients.

Ralph Pickwick

VP, Product
Ralph leads the planning and definition of new product capabilities and features to meet the current and future needs of our innovative customers.

Todd Smith

Director of Support
Todd leads Sparkfly’s team of highly engaged professionals working every day to provide our customers and internal employees best-in-class technical support.

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