Sparkfly – Industry Challenges


The Sparkly team understands the challenges retailers face and, more importantly, how to create tailored technology solutions so you can lead the industry.

We hear it all the time — retailers want to be more creative and more personal with their campaigns and communications, but they lack the tools and agility to do it. The Sparkfly team has helped digitally transform top brands including Chipotle, First Watch, Great Clips, and Bloomin’ Brands, so we know exactly what hurdles you need to cross in order to build the deeper customer relationships that will take your business to new heights.

Take Down Those
Splintered Silos

Your technology can’t succeed in a vacuum. Sparkfly gives you a 360-degree view of your customers by simplifying and streamlining your tech ecosystem. It houses real-time POS connectivity and transactional data services, offer management, mobile rewards wallets, and more in one place. 

Overcome Impossible Innovation

Great ideas need an infrastructure to become reality. We take a tailored approach at Sparkfly with dozens of best-in-class integrations to meet your every engagement need. Go ahead, execute on your marketing wishlist, build deeper customer connections, and drive business growth.

Rejuvenate Customer Engagement in Real-Time

As smart as your customer engagement tools may be, they’re only helpful in today’s landscape if they’re agile and work in real-time. Sparkfly was designed to be dynamic so it’s easy to spark innovation in your retail technology stack and work at the speed of customer expectations.

Designed to overcome retail’s biggest engagement challenges, the Sparkfly platform can transform your daily work. Explore the possibilities in a 30-minute demo.