Sparkfly – POS Middleware

POS Middleware: Transforming Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Seamlessly integrate with your POS system to revolutionize how you connect with customers and enhance loyalty.

Our award-winning technology, backed by 21 US Patents, empowers brands to drive transformational customer acquisition and loyalty through agile, real-time marketing strategies.

Offer Management & POS Intelligence Platform

Single Service Layer

Normalizes processes and data for frictionless commerce.

Dynamic Campaign Management

Create, distribute, and measure promotional campaigns in real time.

Customizable Code Generation

Dynamic, real-time, single-use codes, vanity codes, individualized multi-use codes.

Location-Specific Campaigns

National, Regional, Local, Location-specific, Owner-Specific, Management-specific - all completely customizable to drive specific conversion goals.

Menu-Specific Promotions

Ingest menu items for precise item-specific, category-specific, combo, and check-level promotions.

Flexible Offer Types

Dollars off, percent off, set priceā€”configurable for unlimited options.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Reach customers across any marketing channel, online and offline.

Real-Time Validation & Attributes

Ensure offer accuracy and relevance with real-time validation.

POS Integration

Real-Time Bi-Directional Connections

Seamless integration with in-store POS, in-app, and online ordering platforms.

Closed-Loop Ad Tracking

Analyze real-time sales data linked directly to campaign/channel performance and optimize in real-time for maximum ROI.

Dynamic Loyalty Interface

Connect transactions to individual customers and their attributes and reward brand loyalty.

Transaction Data Capture

Real-time detailed transaction data capture and transfer to internal or external third-party platforms.

Data Analytics

Real-Time Attribution Data

Track offers at various levels, including offer, campaign, distribution channel, and individual customer.

Customizable Reporting

Analyze data by time period and location, providing insights at a granular level.

Customer Engagement

Personalized Retargeting

Leverage individual customer purchase data for future segmentation.

Smart Acquisition Landing Pages

Engage customers with dynamic code generation, save for later options, and more.

Triggered Emails and Discounts

Welcome emails, special discounts based on factors like veteran status or job.

Client Success Stories

Discover how industry leaders like Chipotle, Bojangles, and First Watch are leveraging Sparkfly’s innovative functionality to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth.

Empower Your Business with Sparkfly

Transform your customer engagement stack, create a marketing technology strategy, and unlock the full potential of your business growth. Our experts are ready to evaluate your needs and guide you through every step of the process.