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Sparkfly is providing real results for brands and retailers. See how leading companies are leveraging Sparkfly to become more efficient and profitable.

Today’s Digital Engagement is Tomorrow’s Stronger ROI

Learn how Bojangles, Chipotle, and First Watch are leading the way in digital customer engagement – and doing so through a carefully-crafted ecosystem of best- in-class tools and systems – creates significantly more business success.

Chipotle engaged 33M+ members through innovative rewards program, ‘Freepotle’

By partnering with Sparkfly, Chipotle powered their ‘Freepotle’ campaign, engaging their 33M+ members in must-join opportunities.

Bojangles Optimized Customer Engagement Across 800+ Locations

Bojangles, a QSR known for their chicken ‘n biscuits, aspired to build for the future and looked to engage their guests at every stage of the buyer’s journey by revamping their digital strategy.

Chipotle Turned to Sparkfly to Centralize Its Cross-Channel Offer and Loyalty Campaigns

Chipotle is one of the most digitally-savvy restaurants in the industry, and with more than 2,800 locations, they need a seamless way to manage offer campaigns and reward their most loyal customers.

First Watch Turned to Sparkfly to Fight Coupon Fraud

First Watch uses Sparkfly’s platform to generate offers and other rewards that can only be redeemed once—eliminating coupon fraud. Download this case study to explore how First Watch:

Great Clips’ Sparkfly-Powered Offer Management Strategy Earned Triple-Digit ROI and Industry Awards

Great Clips didn’t have tools to track offer usage and redemption—which made it impossible to measure campaign ROI and made them vulnerable to coupon fraud.

Sparkfly and Vibes Fuel Engagement for Top Brands and Viral Campaigns

Sparkfly and Vibes have teamed up to close the loop on mobile engagement — creating smarter customer loyalty capabilities, deeper business intelligence, and faster time to market in the process.

Sparkfly Empowers First Watch to Individualize Its Dining Experience

Breakfast, brunch, and lunch favorite First Watch wanted to expand its basic marketing segments and create a unique dining experience for each loyal customer—but they needed a strategy to capture all of the necessary preference data.

Sparkfly Built an Offer Management Strategy From Scratch for a Fortune 500 Fast-Food Giant

The marketing team at a global fast-food chain with nearly 3,000 locations didn’t know how to create, personalize, and analyze offers efficiently, so they turned to Sparkfly’s consulting services. The end result? Technologies that can be leveraged quickly and easily, with full control, visibility, and limitless possibilities.

The World’s Largest Cosmetics Company Turned to Sparkfly for End-to-End Insights

When a global cosmetic brand needed to determine if its mobile offer campaigns were translating into in-store purchases, it asked Sparkfly to bridge the data gap.

Sparkfly Turned One Tech Solution Into Millions in Savings for a Fortune 500 QSR

A Fortune 500 QSR had tremendous digital capabilities, but it was still mailing out physical gift certificates to displeased customers. Knowing unhappy feelings were lingering while customers waited for delivery — and knowing the process was putting a strain on its staff and its budget — the company turned to Sparkfly for a solution.

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