Sparkfly – Platform


Sparkfly’s patented platform creates an ecosystem for your customer engagement technologies so you can connect more deeply and innovate more efficiently.

Sparkfly Opens Up A New World of Connection, Innovation, and Growth Possibilities

Boundless Creativity

Digital, physical, dynamic, or omnichannel — it’s easy to turn your marketing wishlist into reality.

Modernized, Not Eliminated

Harness the power of today’s best-in-class tools without ripping out your existing technology.

Results at the Speed of Now

Strengthen all of your martech systems with unified real-time customer, campaign, and channel data.

Deeper Customer Insights

Simplify and streamline your engagement ecosystem so it’s easy to get a 360° view of each customer.

Tailored Solutions

We’ll create a strategy that matches each of Sparkfly’s capabilities to your specific business goals.

Completely Customized

With dozens of top-tier integrations to choose from, you get the functionality and efficiency you need.

How It Works

Sparkfly powers your real-time POS connection, your offer management campaigns, your rewards programs, your mobile rewards wallet capabilities, and your transactional services in one hub that’s in constant communication with all of your customer engagement tools and systems.

What Makes Sparkfly’s Platform Unique?

Real-Time Agility

Make faster, smarter decisions with real-time data. Sparkfly unifies all of your customer engagement technologies and empowers you to create what’s next, no matter what it is.

Less IT-Dependence

Sparkfly augments your existing retail technology so you can bring big ideas to life. Enjoy the increase in innovation while you decrease the need for IT’s help.

Smarter Campaigns

Connect your best-in-class systems, both in-store and online — then discover what resonates best with customers and maximize your acquisition and loyalty initiatives.


Incremental Insights

Connect offers to incremental revenue with attribution data at every level of each redemption — including campaign, channel, individual customer, transaction, time period, and win-back.

A Holistic Approach

Sparkfly’s team is always focused on the big picture, which is why we’re always working to expand our platform with new integrations and new partnerships.

Ongoing Support

We'll build what’s right for you today and give ongoing recommendations for your marketing stack, architecture, and design so you can succeed tomorrow, too.

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Don’t rely on features that merely check the box. Instead, turn to agile, dynamic technology that’s customer-centric. Join us for a 30-minute demo of the Sparkfly platform and realize possibilities you never thought possible.