Sparkfly – Platform


Experience real-time agility, unifying all customer engagement technologies for faster, smarter decisions.

Grow Customer Loyalty & Your Business

A Full Funnel Experience

Engage customers at every stage of their journey through digital, physical, dynamic, and omnichannel campaigns.

Sustainable Technology

Future proof your existing tech stack by integrating preferred third-party platforms and distribution channels with our customer engagement platform.

Immediate Results

Activate and optimize campaigns based on real-time customer, campaign, and channel data for swift and impactful outcomes.

Clear Customer Insights

Get a 360° view of your customers to build unique brand experiences to foster stronger connections.

Tailored Solutions

Create customer engagement strategies unique to your business goals by working with experts.

A Robust Ecosystem

Collaborate with Sparkfly and our partners to think outside the box and use innovative technologies to take your customer experience to new heights.

How our Platform Works

Fuel deeper connections with your customers by moving beyond one-size-fits-all engagement platforms. Sparkfly’s integrated customer engagement ecosystem powers your real-time POS connection, offer management campaigns, loyalty programs, mobile rewards wallet capabilities, and capture of item-level transaction data. Replace rigid point-based programs and customize every customer’s experience, elevating customer frequency, spend, and brand affinity—all seamlessly integrated and synchronized with your preferred customer engagement tools and systems.

What Makes Our Platform Unique?

Unlock Real-Time Agility

Swift, intelligent decision-making powered by real-time data at your fingertips. Seamlessly integrate all your preferred customer engagement technologies, empowering you to shape the future of your marketing, effortlessly.

Embrace Independence from IT

Amplify your retail capabilities without relying on heavy IT support. Our platform complements your existing technology, allowing you to breathe life into bold ideas while reducing the need for constant IT intervention.

Elevate Your Campaign IQ

Unite your in-store and online systems to unravel what truly resonates with customers. Maximize your acquisition and loyalty efforts by gaining insights that drive smarter campaigns and build customer loyalty.


Gain Incremental Insights

Link custom offers directly to revenue increments with detailed attribution data. We provide insights at every level of redemption, from campaigns and channels to individual customers, transactions, time periods, and win-back strategies.

Experience a Holistic Approach

Our perspective is always panoramic. We’re committed to the bigger picture, continuously expanding our platform with fresh integrations and dynamic partnerships to keep you ahead of the curve.

Continuous Support for Your Success

We're not just building for today; we're shaping your future success. Get personalized recommendations for your marketing stack, architecture, and design, ensuring your ongoing triumph in the evolving landscape.

The Latest Insights & Strategies

Find the industry data you need with our latest blogs, whitepapers, customer stories, infographics, and more.

Don’t rely on features that merely check the box. Instead, turn to agile, dynamic technology that’s customer-centric. Join us for a 30-minute demo of the Sparkfly platform and realize possibilities you never thought possible.