Sparkfly – Whitepaper

COVID-19 and the Resurgence of the Restaurant Industry

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Actions you can take to strengthen your digital strategy and prepare for “The Great American Dine-In” and Beyond

Intro to Whitepaper:

Key Takeaways:

  • Minimizing Loss: Digital strategies that helped brands survive the pandemic
    • Strength of Mobile Strategy 
      • Sensitive, relevant, timely messaging to most loyal customers to maximize engagement during crisis
    • Off-premise strategies (delivery + takeout)
      • Ready-made meals in supermarkets
      • First-party delivery (new roles for employees)
      • New A La Carte take home menus
    • Diverse customer acquisition strategies
      • Turning to social
      • Great American Take-Out Tuesdays continued 
  • Preparing for The Great American Dine-In: Digital strategies and technologies to invest in now that will help your guest counts and sales rebound
    • Discounts Drive Dining Decisions – Fill your funnel 
    • Collect data to help you better understand your customers
    • Contactless order & pay
    • Create meaningful and personalized post-visit engagement strategies that keep customers coming back.