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Sparkfly Triumphed in 2023, Receiving Multiple Awards for Company Growth, Innovation and Customer Experience in Collaboration with Chipotle, Bojangles

Sparkfly propels to the forefront of retail tech with customer engagement innovations

From Bots to Bowls: The AI Evolution Reshaping Fast Dining Experiences

Cybertrucks, music generated from brain waves, and shoppable TV. 2023 has unquestionably ushered in its fair share of technological advancements, with none more omnipresent than everyone’s new favorite phrase: AI. As artificial intelligence carries on its campaign for global domination, … Read More

Drive-Thrus: The Fast Lane to QSR Customer Satisfaction

If you said that drive-thrus have come a long way since their debut, you’d be making the biggest understatement since you told your spouse you only wanted one French fry. Today, drive-thrus are more than just a place to grab … Read More

Why QSRs Should be Hungry for Customer Data

The rise of data, big and small, has transformed every moment of our lives for decades.  We check Google Maps for the best route, our smart watches for our heart rate and oxygen levels, and online restaurant reviews before booking … Read More

[Whitepaper] 3 Lessons On Revolutionizing Restaurant Loyalty

Driving engagement at every stage of the customer lifecycle is critical for QSRs, or they risk getting left in the dust.  In this whitepaper, learn how leading nationwide brands like Chipotle, First Watch, and more have improved their customer experience … Read More

3 Tips for QSR Digital Transformation from Bojangles and Checkers & Rally’s

Digital transformation for QSRs isn’t something that just happens. You must dedicate time, resources, planning, testing, and collaboration to ensure you’re implementing a digital strategy that aligns with your restaurant’s strategic goals, customer preferences, and technology infrastructure. And, choosing the … Read More

[Tech Crunch] What to do when customers say yes but VCs say no with Catherine Tabor from Sparkly

Traditional Restaurant Loyalty is Limiting: How Restaurants Make an Impact Through Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Today’s quick services and casual dining patrons have evolved significantly beyond the restaurant punch card. Even with the influx of app-based loyalty programs over the past 10 years, many haven’t kept pace with evolving consumer preferences and tastes. In 2022, … Read More

Restaurant Loyalty Apps: Improve Customer Engagement and Retention

Customers have more options than ever before when they’re deciding on where to get a meal these days. That abundance of decisions means that it’s harder than ever for restaurants to remain top-of-mind when their customers are hungry and making … Read More