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Restaurant Loyalty Apps: Improve Customer Engagement and Retention

Customers have more options than ever before when they’re deciding on where to get a meal these days. That abundance of decisions means that it’s harder than ever for restaurants to remain top-of-mind when their customers are hungry and making … Read More

How an Integrated Tech Stack Drives Data-Driven Customer Experiences for Retailers

More is not always better, especially when it comes to your tech stack. While new technologies can arm retailers with important insights, having too many tools can be time and resource intensive. And, if systems don’t communicate with each other, … Read More

This article links to an ANA article sharing about how to strengthen relationships with local partners

[ANA] Improving Relations with Local Partners

how restaurants get automation right

[Whitepaper] The Efficiency You Need & Connections Your Customers Crave: How Restaurants Get Automation Right

Uplevel your customer experience, overcome today’s biggest challenges, and put your restaurant on the cutting edge. Employee burnout, staffing shortages, ever-increasing customer expectations — restaurants face endless challenges. The solution? The right automation strategy. Download our report to learn:

3-Takeaways-from-national retail-federations-NRF-annual-conference 2023

How Top Brands Execute on a Modernized Customer Experience: 3 Takeaways from NRF

Retailers’ 2023 success comes down to one thing: a modernized customer experience. What that means and how to do that well was all the buzz earlier this month at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual conference. Global leading brands came … Read More

[TotalRetail] 3 Ways Retailers Can Unlock New Levels of Customer Engagement in 2023

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[QSR Uncut: A Podcast from QSR Magazine] Krystal’s Mission to Win Back Customer Loyalty on Apple Podcasts

[Advertising Week] 3 Tips to Generate Customer Loyalty in an Economic Turndown

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Don’t Let Inflation Deflate Restaurant Profits – 3 Tips To Build Customer Loyalty

With a volatile stock market, soaring inflation, and a looming recession, consumers are scrutinizing what’s a want versus a need. Unfortunately for the foodservice industry, eating out is one of the first luxuries that price-conscious consumers cross off their lists.  … Read More

Out of Their Car & Into Your Door: How C-Stores Keep Customers Coming Back

C-stores give the modern shopper precisely what they want: convenience. Literally, that’s what the “C” stands for. Delighting convenience-obsessed consumers propelled many shops out of financially bleak pandemic times. In 2021, c-store gross profits jumped 4.7% year-over-year to nearly $120 … Read More