Three Key Components of Smart Customer Acquisition

As brands regain their footing in 2021, they’re finding it’s time to look beyond surviving the events of 2020 and instead look ahead to see how they can thrive in a digital-first world. With the shift to online engagement, a significant digital scramble to acquire new customers is underway, and of course you want your brand to be on the winning side. So, it’s time to play it smart.

Acquisition can be a struggle after that initial “shiny and new” stage. It’s not that what you’re offering is any less exciting or innovative, it’s that there’s significantly more competition. The U.S. Census Bureau business formation statistics show a nearly 80% increase in business applications over the past decade. So, trying to break through the clutter means acquisition can be resource-intensive, drawing significantly on talent and funding to produce a measurable return on customer acquisition efforts.

Sometimes, it’s the risky approach that pays off. That was certainly the case for Burger King a few years ago when they used geotargeting campaigns to lure customers away from chief rival McDonald’s. But not everyone can afford big-budget initiatives or invest in uncertainty, particularly after the upheavals of last year. What you can do for your brand, however, is use the tools already at your disposal, and leverage them wisely.

The first step is to gather your available data and set your strategy. If your goal is to get in front of as many customers as quickly as you can and begin to engage with them, what does the data tell you? First, it tells you where your customers spend time so you know how to reach them. Second, it tells you how customer behavior impacts your outreach. Lastly, it tells you that you need more data.

Let’s explore what’s integral to each of these three ideas:

  1. Expanding your acquisition reach. Think of this in terms of quality and quantity. Are you participating in the digital channels where your potential customers live? Is there an opportunity for you to expand to more channels to draw more prospects? The idea is not to simply cast the largest net you can and hope for the best. It’s to understand how potential customers engage on these channels and to follow suit. By broadening your audience and letting them get to know your brand, you also increase the odds of drawing a larger number of interested people into your network for SMS contact, eClubs and loyalty programs.
  2. Giving customers what they want. What if a customer could engage with your brand through a social media channel and be taken to a page that presents them with a unique offer or opportunity (e.g., special coupon, join a club, download an app)? It’s possible through Sparkfly’s smart acquisition landing page technology. Customers who take that initial leap have shown they want to learn more about your brand and what you have to offer. The right enticement coupled with a seamless experience helps drive brand adoption.
  3. Keeping customers happy. There’s the old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But we have a tendency to focus on the noisemakers and assume that silence equals satisfaction for everyone else. That’s why you constantly need more data. What do customers want more of? What do they want less of? What do they want that you haven’t even thought to offer? By maintaining a dialogue you show customers you’re proactive about pleasing them, that they have influence in meaningful exchanges with you and that you’re committed to giving them reasons to keep them coming back to your brand.

There’s no doubt that acquiring new customers is key to your brand’s growth. Laying the foundation for an ecosystem that not only supports smart acquisition but enables ongoing informed engagement is key to your brand’s sustainable success. That means you should be using all the tools at your disposal to provide the best experience for your customers and, in turn, your brand. It’s just smart business.

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