Minimizing Friction: More Than an Afterthought

We’ve all been there. The awesome deal that draws you in, but when it’s time to check out and redeem your coupon, suddenly there’s a glitch.

It could just be a little snag, like a discount that doesn’t work as advertised on the type of pizza you want. It could be a big issue, like a system that continually gives an error message with attempted redemptions.

Either way, as a customer, you’re left frustrated, disappointed and hungry for something else.

And as a restaurant, the friction of a less than smooth transaction can have disastrous consequences for your bottom line.

It’s not enough to leverage the ability to provide offers through digital channels, and it doesn’t matter how great your SMS, email or social media coupons are. If the redemption process is messy, your coupons become more of a liability that sends your customers hunting elsewhere for their next meal.

Because so many restaurants treat the online offer redemption process (and ordering platform in general) as an afterthought, there is an opportunity for you to really shine if you can get it right.

Sparkfly worked with a leading fast-casual chain to create a frictionless “offer to online ordering” process that would improve the digital customer experience and prove key to converting offers to digital sales.

Using automation and seamless connection between Sparkfly and the online/mobile ordering technologies, customers can now launch the online ordering process with one click, sending the offer details directly to the checkout basket. No more cumbersome copy and paste action needed as customers navigate between browser pages. By streamlining this process, sales grew significantly and abandonment rates plummeted.

With Sparkfly, you can make offer redemption and ordering effortless. Contact us today to learn more about reducing the friction in your online offer redemption and ordering process.