inflation for restaurants

Don’t Let Inflation Deflate Restaurant Profits – 3 Tips To Build Customer Loyalty

With a volatile stock market, soaring inflation, and a looming recession, consumers are scrutinizing what’s a want versus a need. Unfortunately for the foodservice industry, eating out is one of the first luxuries that price-conscious consumers cross off their lists.  … Read More

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Sparkfly Partner Chipotle’s Response to COVID-19 Supports People First

We know these are challenging times, especially for quick service restaurants. We are here for you and doing what we can to bring you the information and inspiration you seek.  Today, we want to spotlight our client Chipotle, who is … Read More

Sparkfly and Chipotle Share Digital Marketing Success Story

Sparkfly founder and CEO Catherine Tabor and Chipotle’s vice president of digital strategy and product Nicole West, were recently featured on Alan Hart’s Marketing Today podcast to share the successful strategy behind their innovative digital partnership. Since the partnership’s launch … Read More