Troubleshooting Ecommerce By the Numbers

You may have a hunch that there are a few snags with the way your online purchasing and offer management work together. But do you truly understand the significant challenges these hurdles can create for customer loyalty and your bottom line?

Let’s look at some recent statistics to see just how much of an impact these issues can have on your customer experience.

84% of ecommerce shoppers have abandoned a purchase because of problems with checking out (Deal Nerd).

Your customer loaded up her cart when she saw your BOGO offer, but after trying three times to complete her purchase, the coupon code still wasn’t working and she gave up, feeling frustrated and wondering which other retailers might offer similar products with a better check out experience.

There’s nothing worse than knowing your customer was sold on purchasing your product, but gave up because of a difficult check out or offer redemption process. Many retailers put all of their energy into marketing and developing their products and overlook check out as a critical component of the customer journey.

Sparkfly can help create a seamless check out process that makes completing transactions effortless and rewarding for customers. By reducing your friction and cart abandonment, you’ll see the number of happy customers increase, and your revenue should follow.

65% of customers are frustrated when discounts and promotions for retail stores are not personalized (Capgemini).

A notification for a sale flashes across your customer’s screen. “Act Now! 50% off all dog food and toys.” A great offer in theory, but the recipient has never purchased any pet supplies from that store. Why? Because he doesn’t have any pets.

Instead of incentivizing a sale by matching a relevant offer to this customer’s purchasing behavior, your sale alert has likely landed you one step closer to an unsubscribe.

58% of top retailers are already personalizing content and offers based on browsing behaviors (Aptos), so if this is something you’re not doing, it’s probably time to consider a more targeted approach. With Sparkfly technology, you can leverage data about your customers to track purchasing behavior and personalize offers, ensuring your interaction with your customers is more meaningful and effective.

26% of ecommerce shoppers regularly use physical coupons but prefer the convenience of redeeming online discounts (Deal Nerd).

A great offer arrives in the mail, but your customer isn’t going to make it to your physical store location before the promotion expires. Can they redeem your coupon online instead, or will an in-store only redemption process leave them frustrated and searching for what they need from other online retailers?

It’s no longer enough to just offer great deals in the mail or on paper coupons. By turning a physical coupon into a digital one, or integrating offers across platforms through a loyalty app, you give your customers the freedom to redeem and purchase the way that works best for them.

With Sparkfly’s offer management, we can optimize campaigns across channels so that your customers can access offers in ways that best reflect their wants and needs.

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