Introducing Sparkfly Marketing Program ALLY: Valassis Digital

Sparkfly is proud to introduce Valassis Digital as an ALLY partner in the Sparkfly ALLY network.

Valassis Digital uses patented technology to analyze intent and location signals and match them with the 1.4 billion devices they monitor, creating the richest view of anonymous consumers available. Advertisers can leverage this data to define what, how and why they communicate with consumers.

By partnering with Sparkfly’s dynamic coupon capabilities, Valassis Digital will continue to strengthen their one-of-a-kind, end-to-end solution for clients to strategically plan, activate and measure marketing efforts.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Valassis Digital,” Sparkfly CEO & Founder Catherine Tabor said. “This relationship will benefit both Sparkfly’s and Valassis Digital’s clients by providing sophisticated and data-informed platforms to plan, implement and evaluate campaigns. Each of our product offerings are excellent on their own, but together we can offer something even more unique and valuable that is unmatched in the market.”

Valassis Digital is a leading digital marketing intelligence company, providing a best-in-class data management platform and superior online and offline targeting, advertising, and media offerings. Their proprietary technology and the Valassis Digital Consumer Graph™ powers the lifecycle of marketing print and digital campaigns– from planning to activation and measurement. 

“Our campaign intelligence combined with Sparkfly’s dynamic technology allows clients to clearly see real results tied to targeted media,” Valassis Digital’s SVP of Product & Marketing, Michelle Engle said. “We work with all of our clients to connect the dots between campaign performance and real-world results. This collaboration makes it even easier to see how our targeting and activation lead to in-store sales through a closed loop platform.”

The ALLY marketing program harnesses the power of relationships to create a network of partners for Sparkfly to promote, support and foster deeper connections. To learn more about becoming an ALLY partner, call 1-816-977-7155 or email

As the creator of the Relationship Realization category, Sparkfly uses a real-time data and attribution platform that connects digital marketing initiatives from any form of media to offline activity moving from online interaction to offline connection. No matter how complicated the point-of-sale system may be, Sparkfly can run unified marketing programs across multiple franchise locations, and, for the first time, unlock real-time attribution across any media channel.