Power to the Franchisee! A New Marketing Partnership

It can be hard for a brand to predict what message is going to be most effective in a marketing campaign, especially when your consumers are spread across a variety of locations and demographics. Often decisions must be made on whether to focus on a brand-led or a local approach.

For example, a national burger chain might run the following promos:

Brand-led: ABC Burgers are fresh! Save $1 across all locations.

Local: ABC Burgers are local!

But the success of brand-led versus local marketing can be unpredictable and vary widely. So what’s the best way to figure out what’s going to be most effective at an individual franchise?

With Sparkfly, you can give power to the franchisee.

Using a role-based platform, franchisees can have limited access to the overall marketing technology. This gives them some control over what channels they utilize, when and where they spend advertising dollars, and the ability to tailor certain elements to local campaigns.

The overall creative is still maintained at the corporate level to ensure brand consistency. But by providing flexibility and freedom to franchisees on when and how they deliver content, you’re opening the door for greater success and giving your franchisees the trust and tools they need to be their very best. 

Don’t stifle your success with corporate marketing simply dictated from the top. Empower your franchisees to be an active partner in the marketing of your brand and see where this new kind of partnership can take you together.

Contact Sparkfly today to get started.