Introducing Sparkfly ALLY Solutions Partner: Journey 121

Sparkfly is proud to introduce Journey 121 as an ALLY Solutions Partner in the Sparkfly ALLY network.

Journey 121 unlocks the power of your customer data, connecting the dots between online and offline marketing to move customers through their journey with the right message at the right time.

The partnership between Sparkfly’s POS transaction services and Journey 121’s marketing program sequences means business owners can switch from universal discounts to highly targeted discounts, moving people through the customer journey in a more effective way by targeting new or lapsed customers rather than frequent, loyal consumers.

“Our POS integration capabilities combined with Journey 121’s individualized marketing solutions give business owners and franchisees an exciting and unprecedented level of control over how they communicate with individual consumers,” Sparkfly CEO & Founder Catherine Tabor said. “Our collective expertise provides confidence that data segmentation and marketing automation are working together efficiently and effectively, providing opportunities for measurement and analysis at every step.” 

Sparkfly and Journey 121’s work for Great Clips was recognized as one of the top-performing marketing campaigns in the world with a prestigious DMA International Silver ECHO Award. To capture the attention of lapsed customers who skipped haircuts, Sparkfly and Journey 121 created a campaign to reengage individuals through the app, on Facebook and in mailboxes. The ongoing campaign returns $4-5 for every dollar spent, an exceptional triple-digit ROI that uses discount dollars in a smarter way.

“POS system transaction services can be a complex area to manage, so Sparkfly’s leadership in this space and our partnership with them is a huge value add for our clients,” Journey 121 President Doug Donaldson said. “By creating targeted offers, tracking purchasing behavior and measuring campaign performance, we’re able to micro target to individuals in a way that is extraordinarily valuable to business owners and franchisees.”

The ALLY Solutions Partnership program harnesses the power of relationships to create a network of partners for Sparkfly to promote, support and foster deeper connections. To learn more about becoming an ALLY partner, call 816-977-7155 or email

As the creator of the Relationship Realization category, Sparkfly uses a real-time data and attribution platform that connects digital marketing initiatives from any form of media to offline activity moving from online interaction to offline connection. No matter how complicated the point-of-sale system may be, Sparkfly can run unified marketing programs across multiple franchise locations, and, for the first time, unlock real-time attribution across any media channel.