Pathway to Success: Where Are Your Sales Coming From?

A local Italian restaurant runs an advertisement with a Buy 1 Get 1 offer on Facebook. They also send the same offer through email and in the weekly local newspaper. But when people arrive at the restaurant to redeem the offers, there’s no notation by waiters of where the offers redeemed came from and no additional data collected on consumer purchasing behavior in the restaurant.

The restaurant has missed a valuable opportunity to not only understand who is redeeming the offers, but also where they’re coming from and which sales can be attributed to specific marketing campaigns.

At Sparkfly, we frequently work with restaurants and retailers who are running multiple campaigns across a variety of print and digital media. Our platform can provide data to not only understand in real time which campaigns are performing the best, but also what channels are delivering the best results.

For example, the Italian restaurant could track their offer redemption from their Buy 1 Get 1 offer and find out the following:

  • the average sale resulting from the email offer was $25

  • the average sale resulting from the Facebook offer was $40

Knowing they net a higher ROI from Facebook ads, the restaurant could then focus more budget on advertising through Facebook.

Sparkfly can also provide the tools to test which types of offers work best and drive the most sales, giving options to compare offers such as percentage off total, dollars off total, free item, Buy 1 Get 1, etc. We can even break down which channels drive higher average check size versus which drive a higher average number of items per check.

By leveraging Sparkfly technology, restaurants are empowered to better manage their marketing and to leverage valuable data on what really drives sales.

If you’re ready to dive into a deeper understanding of your marketing performance and focus more energy on campaigns that truly deliver results, contact us.