Sparkfly Named a Street Fight Innovator Award Finalist

We are thrilled to announce we were named a Street Fight Innovator Award Finalist for Innovator of the Year. Street Fight is designed to share news and insight on media, marketing and commerce and they’re on a mission to recognize and award the innovators driving those sectors.

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As the creator of the Relationship Realization category, Sparkfly leverages its patented, Offer Management and Point-of-Sale (POS) attribution platform to connect marketers and third-party technologies to actual customer experiences in-store, online and via mobile POS systems. Sparkfly brings brands closer than ever to their customers by empowering frictionless personalized interactions that establish real relationships. By understanding individual customer journeys and purchase behaviors, marketers maximize the effectiveness of their omnichannel customer engagement campaigns.

Sparkfly’s Offer Management solution provides insight into the revenue generated from every campaign through every channel. Sparkfly identifies interested customers through their interaction with advertisements in the digital world and assigns them an ID that can be tied into an app, online or in-store experience. Sparkfly tracks every detail of their transactions (date, time, location, server, price, etc.) and evaluates it against their digital behavior, providing full understanding of customer acquisition, campaign and channel performance, conversion drivers and more.

With Dynamic Receipt Messaging, brands can provide their customers with the offers most relevant to them in real-time while rewarding and reinforcing brand loyalty.

With Transaction Services, Sparkfly captures all transactional details, not just transactions redeemed through Sparkfly and can collect data in a CRM or an analytics system for tracking purposes.

Advanced Offers is a tailored version of a loyalty program that doesn’t require a customer to provide their information. Instead, customers receive a unique ID, eliminating the need for an expensive front-end user experience, app and login while still delivering the perks of a traditional loyalty program.


Sparkly deserves to be recognized as the Innovator of the Year as they continue to deliver results that win the attention of world-class brands. One of their more recent wins is signing Chipotle and helping them launch several successful digital initiatives including their Rewards Loyalty Program, In-Restaurant Technology Intelligence and Frictionless Online Ordering. Chipotle has attributed their recent success in modernizing the digital customer experience in part to Sparkfly.

Chipotle’s Chief Technology Officer, Curt Garner, shared that, “Sparkfly allows us to dynamically interface with both in-store and above-store technology and provides all of the capabilities we need to meet our long-term goals.”

In addition to Chipotle, Sparkfly is recognized by other national brands for their innovation, efficiency and their seamless integrations.

Sr. Director of Marketing Planning at Great Clips, Heather Briggs, shares, “With their platform, we’re able to launch offers in a whole new way. It’s helping us meet our sales goals faster and it’s really exciting for our franchisees. Thanks to Sparkfly and their knowledgeable, experienced team, our business and marketing have evolved.”

And Chris Tomasso, CEO at First Watch, explained, “The digital promotion capability that Sparkfly offers improves operational efficiency at the restaurant level because guests can easily redeem offers from their mobile phones with single-use codes.”

Sparkfly integrates with leading point-of-sale systems used throughout restaurant, retail and service industry locations. These relationships allow brands to seamlessly integrate mobile and digital into physical storefronts without undergoing full upgrades to the location’s technological infrastructure.

Sparkfly’s Success Metrics

  • 65 clients

  • 10,000 locations

  • 100 million transactions

Sparkfly and Chipotle

  • Sparkfly and Chipotle launched, tracked and managed redemptions for more than 10 million rewards within the first 3 months 

  • Chipotle has attributed their recent success in part to Sparkfly, resulting in total sales rising nearly 10% from the first quarter of 2018 to the first quarter of 2019, digital sales growing by 100.7% from the prior year and 15.7% of first quarter sales attributed to digital sales

  • Chipotle Rewards Loyalty Program featured more than 5,000,000 new loyalty accounts activated and supported via Sparkfly within the first 4 months

  • Sparkfly powers Chipotle to have expanded digital and social marketing campaigns like Freeting during the NBA finals 

Sparkfly and Great Clips

  • Sparkfly power offers and a Customer Engagement Program for over 4,300 Great Clips locations

  • Sparkfly empowers Great Clips to launch more frequent and timely campaigns including running hundreds of micro targeted market-level campaigns on any given day

  • Sparkfly’s recent campaigns for Great Clips resulted in triple-digit ROIs and won a DMA ECHO award for the best retail campaign in North America

Sparkfly and First Watch

  • With Sparkfly’s Offer Management, First Watch has launched more than 60 campaigns and tracked over $2.5 million in revenue