Street Fight Podcast: Sparkfly Helps Digital Marketers Innovate Faster

Street Fight’s Mike Boland recently interviewed our CEO/Founder Catherine Tabor on the Heard on the Street podcast. 

In the podcast, Catherine shares: 

  • Her story as a serial entrepreneur 

  • How Sparkfly’s Offer Management Platform sits between a merchant’s marketing channels and POS system, allowing marketers to create, distribute and measure promotional campaigns in real-time

  • How Sparkfly helps marketers maximize customer acquisition and loyalty programs 

  • How Sparkfly empowers digital marketers to innovate faster 

  • How Sparkfly positions retailers for success with their foundational technology

  • Why she believes marketing should be more of a science than an art. Merchants should be able to understand what’s moving the needle versus what isn’t. 

  • What superhero power she would choose (hint: invisibility!)

  • Her excitement for 2020 as Sparkfly grows their retail and QSR merchant landscape, showing the true scalability of the Sparkfly platform

  • How being outdoors gives her perspective

She also discusses the three big challenges she sees for merchants:

  1. How can they be nimble? How can they test and learn quickly?

  2. How can they take their learnings and craft a cohesive digital strategy?

  3. How can they scale? How can they bring the ecosystem they’re building to millions of consumers?

Listen to the full podcast on the Street Fight website here.

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