CEO Catherine Tabor Featured in Forbes Women Entrepreneur Column

“Some entrepreneurs are lucky and some entrepreneurs are smart. Catherine Tabor is both.”

Catherine Tabor was recently featured in Forbes, “Luck And Smarts Help This Entrepreneur Succeed,” in a profile by Geri Stengel who writes about the success factors of women entrepreneurs. 

She tells the story of Catherine’s first business, a concierge company walking dogs and running errands in her 20s and how a lucky break turned that into an employee discount program for brands like Coca-Cola and Delta. Catherine’s dedication to solving problems led her to recognize where the gap in the industry was: connecting the dots between online promotions and retail stores, and thus Sparkfly was born.

Catherine went on to grow Sparkfly by raising $18 million from angel investors and now counts the likes of Great Clips and Chipotle among her 65 brands with success stories.

Stengel writes, “Many more companies are likely to follow suit. Retailers’ POS priorities include adding capabilities to their current POS system (53%), implementing omnichannel integrations (43%), and creating a unified commerce platform (41%).” Tabor and Sparkfly excel at helping brands connect real-time consumer behavior with online and in-store sales and has used their technology to power over 100 million transactions.

Read the full article on here.

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