Power A New Level of Customer Engagement & Acquisition

When we tell marketers about Sparkfly’s Offer Management Platform and how we help improve customer acquisition and loyalty programs by connecting real-time consumer behavior with online and in-store sales, a lot of people smile and nod. We can tell what they’re thinking, “Yes, I’ve heard this story from other suppliers, like loyalty platforms, too.”

But what those other suppliers often don’t tell you is they have a hard time with customer engagement and acquisition with unknown customers. It’s a frequent issue in channels like social media, display ads, and surveys, but that’s a space where we shine.

The Best in Customer Acquisition

When it comes to customer acquisition, we can make you do more than smile and nod. You’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear with possibilities on how to increase your overall efficiency and profitability. Building loyal customers that will engage with your loyalty program, when the time is right to launch one. That’s because Sparkfly offers:

  • Smart Landing Page Technology

  • Code Redemption Flexibility

  • Dynamic Codes

  • Frictionless eClub Sign-Up

Smart Landing Page Technology 

Say you’re a QSR, Philster, offering the best vegetarian Philly in Philly. You want to reach Millennials in Northern Liberty for your Grand Opening, so you create a BOGO offer ad on Instagram.

Billie comes across the ad, clicks your refreshing creative and is taken to your branded landing page that outlines the offer and displays a code to redeem it. The page is powered by Sparkfly, but Billie won’t know that. What she knows is that your Philly looks delicious and she can bring one to her roommate Jillie for free. 

Code Redemption Flexibility

Even better, if it’s not meal time, she can save that code however it is easiest for her. To use when the time is right. That means she can have the code sent: 

  • Via a text sent to her phone

  • To her email

  • Directly to her native smartphone wallet like Google Pay

  • To her Apple Wallet, where she can then access it on her Apple Watch

  • To a merchant-branded wallet (like a Chipotle Rewards, for example)

  • Or, she can redeem the code right then and there using instantaneous online ordering (Voilà! That’s the kind of instant conversion we can all appreciate)

 The process is easy for her, but even better: it’s easy for you too.

Dynamic Codes: Unique to Sparkfly

Sparkfly is generating a unique code dynamically in real-time as customers interact with your brand. This code is then tied to a customer so you understand that Billie ate your Philly. Our IP makes it easier to manage promotions and gives you better access to effective and useful customer data.

Frictionless eClub Sign-Up 

When it comes to customer engagement, Sparkfly can power your brand to connect with both known, and unknown customers. Once we’ve worked together to build a base of loyal customers, we’ll help you launch a connected loyalty program or ways to sign up for your eClub, in a completely frictionless way, that builds on your current dynamic customer acquisition program. 

Contact us and see how your brand can power a new level of customer engagement and acquisition.


About Sparkfly’s Offer Management Platform

Sparkfly’s Offer Management Platform sits between your marketing channels and POS system, allowing you to create, distribute and measure promotional campaigns in real-time, and we seamlessly distribute offers across all of your digital and physical marketing channels, including all of your third-party marketing technologies, such as email, SMS, loyalty, print, digital ads, social channels and more.