QSR Everytable Supports Those with Food Insecurities During COVID-19

We know these are challenging times, especially for restaurants. We are committed to bringing you the information and inspiration you seek. Today, we want to spotlight Everytable, the Los Angeles-based Public Benefit Corporation with multiple locations in greater L.A. They are supporting those with food insecurities by offering a helpline and donating meals. Let’s take a look:

Helpline For Those Struggling with Hunger

  • In an open letter on the Everytable website, CEO and Co-Founder Sam Polk invites seniors, schools, health centers, and anyone struggling with hunger to call its hotline, “whether you need one meal or 10,000.”
  • They also encourage foundations, organizations and nonprofits seeking to provide food access and relief to contact them directly

Donating Meals to Those with Food Insecurity

  • Everytable provided 9,000 meals to unhoused L.A. residents at 13 of the city’s emergency shelters opened in response to the virus, ensuring they had healthy and fresh breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Meals were also used by outreach teams to engage unhoused residents and invite them into shelters
  • They provided 2,800 meals to nine senior living communities in South L.A., donated thousands of meals to food-insecure students at Santa Monica College with the support of donors and foundations, and hundreds of meals to homebound seniors through their Pay It Forward program

To learn more visit the Everytable website.

We are all in this together and we are here to help in any way that we can. We welcome your calls and conversation.

Stay safe, friends.