Sparkfly: The Bridge Between Your POS and Other Marketing Platforms

We know times are tough for our friends in the retail and restaurant space, but as we’ve all seen, to thrive in our new world companies must embrace digital marketing. 

We at Sparkfly are here to help. This short video shares how Sparkfly helps marketers connect real-time consumer behavior with online and in-store sales.

Watch the video to learn more:

Many retailers today still play guessing games when it comes to understanding which promotions resonate with their customers. 

They pull their hair out – manually measuring offer campaigns with siloed sales and redemption data.

Sound familiar? Well, don’t fret… 

Because whether you’re restricted by legacy POS systems or looking to launch connected marketing programs – Sparkfly has the answer.

Sparkfly’s offer management platform helps marketers, like you, maximize customer acquisition and loyalty programs by connecting real-time consumer behavior with your online and in-store sales. 

Our solution sits between your marketing channels and POS system, allowing you to quickly create smarter, more secure promotions. 

You can distribute these offers across paid and owned channels, such as email, SMS, social, display, print ads and more.

Then measure their effectiveness in real-time to optimize your campaigns for stronger ROI… 

And, finally, scale your promotional marketing programs.  

With Sparkfly’s technical expertise, we’ll help modernize your existing systems to give you clear insights into offer redemption, marketing ROI, sales attribution and customer purchase intelligence. 

By acting as the bridge between your POS and other marketing platforms… we empower your mobile apps, loyalty programs, CDP, BI tools and other applications with the real-time data they need to analyze and drive revenue growth.

Thanks to our agile technology and customer-centric culture, Sparkfly helps brands engage their consumers… one-by-one.To start a conversation, email us at