Cheetah Digital Podcast: Sparkfly Tackles the Gap Between In-Store and Online

Catherine Tabor, Sparkfly CEO and Founder, was recently featured on the Cheetah Digital Thinking Caps video podcast.

Catherine joined Richard Jones, CMO at Cheetah Digital and Tim Glomb, VP of Content & Data at Cheetah Digital to discuss loyalty in challenging times, how Cheetah Digital and Sparkfly work together, and how restaurant brands are innovating right now. 

Here are a few of our favorite Catherine quotes:

  • “Over the last five to ten years, the idea of loyalty has evolved. It’s more about how you can have true one-to-one communication with a consumer, how you can customize the programs and the offers that are available to them based on the things they want and desire.”
  • “[At Sparkfly], we connect in real-time back to the point-of-sale system and help enable real-time dynamic loyalty programs like that Cheetah Digital is driving with brands.”
  • “Chipotle is a customer of ours and they have weathered this very difficult time well because they have worked to cultivate an extremely loyal, engaged audience that they can communicate with. Being able to do those things effectively, to do it in a way that can scale, that is agile, that enables you to have real-time capability to measure and track and understand how things are performing, enables you to optimize campaigns while they’re running and not have to do things and then take a step back and see how they worked. You have the opportunity to pull levers and leverage your resources very wisely during a time when people really want to do that.”
  • “There’s a lot, from an innovative marketing strategy standpoint, that we have yet to see and having the right infrastructure in place that allows you to pivot quickly and test and learn and turn things on that work well and turn things off that don’t quickly is going to be even more valuable in the future.”
  • “We view ourselves as this universal enabler. We want to set our customers up to be successful in the strategies they decide they want to run. If they feel that somebody’s best-of-breed in one aspect of a marketing channel and someone else is best-of-breed in another channel, we want to give them the power to make the best decisions for their business in a way that they can turn things on quickly and efficiently.”
  • “We’ve seen a lot of programs do well and we’ve seen programs that have not, so as we’ve gone forward with our customers, we find ourselves in a very advisory role around how successful brands have tackled this digital ecosystem well, what pieces they’ve put in place first, how they built upon them, how to build it in a way that is stable and can grow.”

Watch the full video podcast here.

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