Reignite Customer Brand Loyalty with Contact Center Offers

When a customer has a negative experience with your brand, your customer service team works hard to address the issue and re-engage the customer, often with an appealing offer to create a positive interaction. 

But if sending the offer is a complicated and less than timely process, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reignite brand loyalty with an immediate boost of goodwill (and creating unnecessary labor and cost burdens for your company). 

That’s why Sparkfly created Contact Center Offers, giving your customer service team the ability to instantly send digital offers.

Using a Sparkfly widget, customer service representatives can seamlessly drop a coupon into a digital wallet or email it directly to a disgruntled customer. The customer can easily access the offer without jumping through hoops. The best part? You can track how they use it and better understand how these offers fit into the customer journey.

Sparkfly recently worked with a company to streamline and digitize a strenuous and expensive manual process of sending offer codes to disgruntled customers. 

In the old process, a customer would contact the company with a complaint. Then: 

  • A customer service representative would take down his or her information, and later add it to a master list with information from all of the other calls from unhappy customers. 
  • The company would print mailers with a code for an offer and mail them to each of the customers on the list, which was a cumbersome, lengthy and costly process with labor, printing and postage. And by the time the customer received the offer, it could have been days or weeks after the initial call. 

For the new process, Sparkfly created a digital avenue to drop a “win back offer” into a customer’s digital wallet. No more compiling lists, and no more printing and mailing offers. The code appears directly in the customer’s wallet, and the new process makes it easy for customer service representatives to send an offer as part of their work flow. This solution leveraged integration with Salesforce Service Cloud, but Contact Center Offers can be integrated with any service center technology.

Don’t miss out on a chance to create an immediate and lasting positive touchpoint with your customers. Contact us today to learn more about enhancing your customer experience with Contact Center Offers.

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