We’re Hiring: Customer Technical Support and Dev Ops Engineer

Sparkfly is a SaaS platform that supports an array of well-known merchants, helping them achieve new levels of success with their use of offers or promotions to drive revenue growth. Sometimes the merchants run into usage issues or more complex problems that can’t be solved by a phone or chat conversation. The Client Support Engineer works closely with the Sparkfly Client Services team and interfaces directly with clients as needed to satisfy common support tickets and troubleshoot offers and systems that are not functioning as expected. Client Services also support the Business Development team to expand Sparkfly’s market penetration though Group Selling efforts. A Dev Ops Engineer ensures that the system is running smoothly and being monitored. Dev Ops endeavors to ensure that Developers are not doing repeat tasks and infrastructure is kept up-to-date as the stack evolves. As the process changes and our company grows, the Dev Ops engineer automates as much as possible to accelerate work.

As a Customer Technical Support Engineer, you will quickly handle simple support needs and you’ll get to dig into those bigger puzzles. The most difficult, complex issues are no match for your skills. You will own the issue until it is resolved.

A perfect match for this role is someone who has great troubleshooting and analytical skills and has a curious mind for how things work and what makes them tick. Sparkfly moves at incredible speeds and our Customer Technical Support are expected to become masters of the product. They know everything from the newest features to the oldest core functions from top to bottom and inside out and they are regularly solving obscure mysteries by working alongside Sparkfly product developers to get to the core of a problem.

You’ll need :

  • Must be legally eligible to work in the US.
  • This is a work from home opportunity. There is a preference to be in the Atlanta area and able to periodically work from our midtown office, but full remote candidates will also be considered.
  • Love talking to a wide variety of people! Day to day, this Engineer balances both internal conversations with the Development team, as well as direct merchant interactions to help resolve individual questions; having a history of positive customer-facing service experience will be essential to your success in the role, so we want to hear all about your previous work with business clients, working in retail, etc.
  • Take complex and sometimes complicated solutions and language, and boil those down into easy-to-understand and approachable explanations for everyone.
  • Be comfortable learning through osmosis; Technical Support is highly connected to our development team that loves to focus on peer-to-peer learning and extensive knowledge sharing.
  • Have a “team first” approach while working within a team of high-performing and driven individuals – you love being the best, but you also love sharing in other teammates’ successes!
  • Have an eye for detail. Prove it to us – address your cover letter to Mr. Terkosky.
  • Accommodate a flexible schedule. Our standard office hours are 8:30 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday. If an emergency occurs with one of our customers, some evening and weekend work might be required, but over our history, this has been few and far between.

Experience with the following would be great, but isn’t required:

  • While this role doesn’t strictly require a depth of knowledge in the following areas, you’ll have a leg up on getting up to speed with current Sparkfly processes if these tools and languages are familiar to you.
    • Working in technical support in a SaaS or equally software-driven environment on a Linux platform.
    • Experience working with Ruby on Rails and Go (can be personal or work-related).
    • Made open source contributions to projects you are passionate about. Version control (Github or Git, ideally). Sparkfly is constantly evolving and updating, so looking for versions and changes is a key element of keeping on top of things.
    • Experience with Dev Ops and maintenance tasks in an AWS hosted environment.
    • Front-end customer account and environment set-up in a multi-tenant platform.
    • RESTful APIs and JSON/XML are helpful when testing and troubleshooting our API.
    • Experience or knowledge of HTTP protocol and DNS will come in handy when working with domains or SSLs.

If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce, submit your resume with a summary of your most relevant experience to dterkosky@sparkfly.com. Technical Support and DevOps is key to ensuring customer satisfaction that drives license renewals, so be prepared to discuss prior direct customer interface experience as this will be a major asset to future conversations in the hiring process.

About Sparkfly

Sparkfly is an offer management solutions company that helps marketers maximize customer acquisition and loyalty programs by connecting real-time customer behavior with online and in-store sales. Our platform allows merchants to dynamically create and manage offer campaigns, distribute single-use coupons across all digital and physical marketing channels, and measure effectiveness in real-time.

Innovative QSRs and retailers such as Chipotle, &pizza, and Great Clips leverage our technology for frictionless connectivity between marketing technologies and POS systems. For the first time ever, merchants have real-time insight into offer redemption, ROI on marketing campaigns and media spend, sales attribution and customer purchase intelligence. Ultimately, we empower brands to understand and engage customers on an individual basis by modernizing existing retail systems with agile, real-time marketing technology.

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