Connecting the Dots to Create a Cohesive Digital Ecosystem

One of your ultimate goals as the head of marketing is to create a cohesive and integrated digital ecosystem that embraces available technologies and strategies.

By connecting the dots between various platforms and your data, you improve the customer experience, increase loyalty and drive incremental revenue.

You’re also better equipped to analyze your data and create a single view of the customer that enables you to optimize engagement and maximize your ROI.

How Do I Get There?

Each restaurant’s roadmap to a cohesive digital ecosystem will look a little different.

Phase One

Assuming you already have a basic POS integration, phase one might include a basic third party + POS integration to incorporate offer management, email marketing and print marketing platforms.

Phase Two

Want to create connections between receipt survey programs, loyalty and mobile marketing? It’s time to move into phase two with advanced POS + third party integration. With a Business Intelligence system connected to your other platforms, you will also be able to track data sets such as:

  • Transaction data
  • Offers and loyalty
  • Customer lifetime value, and more

Phase Three

The final phase, a fully integrated system, will include all of this and more with a multichannel personalization strategy.

Learn more about how a cohesive digital ecosystem can help your brand win by downloading our white paper below. Or contact us at to discuss options and recommendations for your personal roadmap.

[White Paper] Digital Marketers: Future-Proof Your Restaurant Brand – 5 Digital Engagement Strategies to Invest in Now