How Offer Management Can Power An Effective Customer Acquisition Strategy

One of the toughest challenges in marketing is customer acquisition. It tends to be a more expensive undertaking than retention efforts and it’s become increasingly complicated in today’s marketing landscape. Yet customer acquisition is vital for growing your brand and expanding your loyalty base.

And moving customers from awareness all the way to loyalty program enrollment has a positive impact on the bottom line: loyalty members generate 12 to 18% more revenue per year than non-members. So how can your brand demonstrate ROI on acquisition and stand out from the competition? 

The first step is to focus on the customer experience. In our current stay-at-home normal, consumers have an overwhelming amount of choice right at their fingertips. Industry leaders like Chipotle are known for offers like Boorito on Halloween and Freeting during the NBA Finals.

Creativity, convenience and compatibility with their current needs are all driving factors these days in a customer’s decision to engage with a brand. But once you’re on a customer’s radar, how can you keep your brand front and center? And how do you know where to approach your audience and continue to connect with them in a way that feels natural?

That’s where offer management comes in. With an offer management platform, you open the door to new intelligent customer acquisition capabilities for your brand:

  • Analyze Robust Data: Track, segment and communicate with customers in a more relevant way and capitalize on opportunities to evaluate and retarget your customers.
  • Personalize Communications: Use data to create profiles that allow you to surprise and delight customers with customized messages and enticements.
  • Bridge the Data Gap: Track redemptions and purchase behavior in order to better target customers with offers relevant to their preferences and behaviors.
  • Improve Business Intelligence: Share data across platforms and enable real-time communication of all transactional data.
  • Generate Loyalty: Manage offers and loyalty rewards as complementary marketing components that ultimately aid loyalty program enrollment.

[White Paper] Gain Loyal Followers through Smart Acquisition: How Offer Management Can Power Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

In the first eight months that &pizza used the Sparkfly offer management platform, they were able to launch more than 100 offer campaigns, leading to 87,000+ offers redeemed and driving more than $820,000 in incremental revenue. Thanks in part to Sparkfly’s technology, Chipotle’s digital growth has directly contributed to their overall revenue. By the end of 2020, Chipotle’s digital sales were expected to top $2.5 billion and account for nearly a fifth of their total sales for the year. 

When you can dynamically create, modify, and manage offer campaigns, distribute trackable single-use coupons across all marketing channels and then measure the effectiveness of those efforts, you’re already steps ahead of the competition. Add real-time data on offer redemption and purchase history and you’ve saved yourself from wasting valuable time and marketing dollars sending offers that don’t generate sales. 

The struggle to develop a customer acquisition strategy with real impact no longer has to be a struggle. Learn more about how the right offer management solution can help your brand by downloading our latest white paper, Gain Loyal Followers through Smart Acquisition: How Offer Management Can Power Your Customer Acquisition Strategy.