We’re Getting a Spark of Innovation From Our Growing Team

The Sparkfly team has big goals for 2022, and to help us accomplish them, we’ve added two experts.

Kent Carpenter has over two decades of experience in sales for national and international enterprises, including strategic consulting work with retailers. As Sparkfly’s new Director of Sales, Kent will partner with retailers, restaurants, and convenience stores to enhance their mobile app and POS ecosystems and deliver a modern and seamless customer engagement program.

Robert MacKenzie brings over 20 years of sales and business development experience to the Sparkfly team — much of it in the hospitality industry. As Sparkfly’s new Director of Sales, Robert will introduce the power of Sparkfly to retailers, restaurants, and other hospitality enterprises.

Both are responsible for supporting Sparkfly’s direct sales growth by cultivating relationships in the restaurant and retail industries that lead to direct partnerships with merchants. Everyone at Sparkfly is thrilled to welcome them both.

“We are so fortunate to welcome Rob into the Sparkfly Family! Rob is not only an amazing person, husband, father, and avid cyclist, but his extensive experience supporting tech innovation in the restaurant industry aligns very well with Sparkfly’s vision and purpose. Please join me in welcoming Rob to Sparkfly!” said Jon Greenlee, VP, Sales & Marketing.

Greenlee also had a warm introduction for Kent: “Please join me in welcoming a true southern gentleman to the Sparkfly Family! Kent has been an ambassador for improving the customer experience in the restaurant industry for years, and his customer-centric and strategic approach to partnering with enterprise brands is second to none! Kent is a proud family man with an impressive golf game and a deep-seeded love for his OU Sooners! Please join me in welcoming Kent to Sparkfly!

Rob, Kent, and the entire Sparkfly family are looking forward to everything  that comes next. Stay tuned for more exciting news!