Bon Voyage! Restaurants Should Follow in Travel’s Customer Experience Footsteps

What makes a travel experience unforgettable? A number of factors come into play, including getting your personal preferences met and having all of your wants and needs fulfilled in a seamless and simple way. The same question and answer applies to the dining experience and that’s why restaurants are starting to follow travel’s lead.

Providing an unforgettable experience is much easier said than done if a business doesn’t have the technology solutions to ensure success. In a recent article from Skift, several hotel chains are betting big on personalization that goes deeper to deliver next-level stays to their customers. And for those doing it right, the investment is paying off in spades. By providing consumers the option to volunteer information to help curate their experiences, these properties are able to provide targeted offers and amenities designed with those guests in mind. 

Personalization is Powerful 

We can’t stress this enough. Customers are craving marketing (pun intended!) that’s honed in on the elements of hospitality that are most important to them. Whether they’re partial to Taco Tuesdays or Wine Wednesdays, seeing data based on what they express interest in is a win-win for everyone. In fact, according to recent findings featured in Forbes, travel companies that aren’t employing good personalization tactics are poised to lose current and potential customers. Instead of heading down that road, restaurants can choose a better destination by making sure their tech solutions are up to snuff. 

Digital Layering is Divine

Creating digital layers to manage your brand is next-gen-level thinking, and it’s actually the touchstone to making the customer experience streamlined and efficient. Scenarios of the future restaurant scene abound in a recent post from Medium, which highlights the merits of a customer interaction that includes ordering, payment, promotions, feedback, and more all in the space of just one meal. But why wait for tomorrow, when the right tech can implement those messaging prompts in the here and now?

Expectations Are Everything — So Do Not Disappoint

The customer experience in every industry affects your brand. If someone has a great experience booking a room, they are going to expect the same ease when they order takeout from their favorite restaurant. When consumers supply your business with the information you seek, that data should be used to guarantee a good experience. When you don’t have to do any guesswork and you have the technology to support your marketing initiatives, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a deep understanding of your customer. How you use that data is what will differentiate your business from the rest.

As travel continues to take off to new heights in the customer experience, the restaurant industry can’t stay grounded in the past. While both sectors suffered major setbacks during the pandemic, they also have the opportunity to forge new paths going forward, and so far, travel is leading the way. But with technology that supports its endeavors, the restaurant industry can discover the sky’s the limit.