Unicorn, Meet the Thoroughbred

Unicorn startups have wowed the investment community, but it’s time the real value creators in the market got their due.

The goal for companies today needs to be building a real business, not a fantasy one. The focus should not be on unrealistic valuations but on producing solid shareholder return, delivering on customer value, and creating stability for a prized employee base. 

Frankly, people have grown weary of the roller coaster and the investor la-la land and want to return to the basics—that is, being able to count on partners and employers to do what they say they’re going to and retire the empty promises to the dustbin. 

We have entered a new era, one where the unicorn has given way to the thoroughbred.

As unicorns have struggled to translate valuations into real profits, the thoroughbred represents resilience, agility, and value-driven strategies. They prioritize adaptability, sustainability, and value creation versus sky-high valuations.

Businesses must recommit themselves to a standard of dependability, commitment, and trust in leadership—and to building companies that stand the test of time.

Welcome to the Age of the Thoroughbred, where the companies whose goals are long-term and grounded in reality, not hype. 

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