Sparks of Innovation for Retail Technology — A Look Back at 2021

At the beginning of 2021, the retail industry was past the initial triage from the pandemic but was still largely in a reactive mindset. After all, brick and mortar was forever changed, and customers’ digital expectations were skyrocketing higher by the day. Retailers that hadn’t gone through a digital transformation yet were scrambling, and retailers that were in the middle of their digital transformation hit the gas pedal.

Here at Sparkfly, we knew retail technology solutions aimed at creating deeper customer connections were more important than ever. The status quo had officially become a thing of the past, so we used our deep retail experience to determine what the industry needed and how we could help.

As a result, we:

  • Established Sparkfly’s Consulting service to help retailers maximize their  architecture, design, implementation, and optimizations — and provide ongoing step-by-step support
  • Expanded the Sparkfly Partner Network and dug deeper into joint solutions with Vibes, Cheetah Digital, and Lunchbox
  • Continued growing our integrations in order to provide truly unified customer engagement solutions
  • Turned our quarterly newsletter into a monthly email so our contacts can have the newest and freshest industry insights at their fingertips
  • Started transforming customer experiences for some of the industry’s biggest brands including Texas Roadhouse, Del Taco, Bojangles, and FAT Brands
  • Continued sharing insightful success stories from our long-term clients — including Chipotle and First Watch

This is only just the beginning because we already have even more planned for next year. As the calendar flips to a new year, cheers to a wonderful 2022 from everyone here at Sparkfly!